2022 – A Year of Reading (and not)

2022 has officially come to an end and I wish I could say that it was an amazing year for reading and that I got through more books than I ever have before, but that would be an absolute lie.

I had set a goal of 52 books ( 1 book a week) for 2022 and sadly only made it to 31. I fell into a pretty significant reading slump around September. I just couldn’t get myself into reading. Instead, I wanted to make something. So, first I decided to try cross stitch. That was something I thought I would never have the patience for but in the end, I really enjoyed it. It can take quite awhile to finish a project, if it isn’t something small. Plus, I’ve found it difficult to find patterns I like and actually want to do. Funnily, while looking for something else, I found a small bag packed full of embroidery floss. I don’t think I will ever need to buy more in my life lol.

Not long after that, I also got back into crotchet. This was something I hadn’t done in well over a decade, but suddenly I just really wanted to. I decided to make scarves and stuff for my friends for Christmas, which then took up most of my free time. I’m still working on a few projects but I’m not quite as gung ho about it as I was a month or so ago.

Throughout this time I kept thinking about reading. I had a book I had started that was good but I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and read it. I’ve learned over the years that I can’t force myself out of a reading slump. I will always get tired of reading at some point and become really focused on a different hobby. So, I just go with the flow and do whatever it is that I feel like doing at the time.

I’m feeling more like reading now and I have set a goal of 50 books for this year. I’m also hoping to spend more time on this blog in 2023. I’m sure I’ve said that before and I think the new year always makes me feel optimistic about things and I make plans that don’t always work out.

What are your reading goals for 2023? How was 2022 for you? I’ve love to hear about what your goals are and what books you have planned on your TBR.

Thanks for reading!

Book Talk – Fantasy Fun- Unicorns


Beautiful, majestic creatures synonymous with purity. The legend around unicorns doesn’t vary much by country, or really since they were first believed to exist. Many believed that unicorn horns contained magical properties and could cure any illness. Therefore, unicorn horns were widely sought after, and fake ones were often pedaled as the real thing. It was believed that a young maiden could entrance a unicorn, that if she sat calmly a unicorn would come, lay down and put it’s head in her lap. This was supposedly the method used to capture unicorns.

Now a days, unicorns are every where. I don’t think I can go into a store of one kind or another and not see something with a unicorn on it. Granted, these unicorns are more the cartoon-y type ones as opposed to the majestic, graceful ones. Not that there’s a problem with this. I myself have several of the TY unicorns, in varying colours.

Where I don’t see unicorns very much is in fantasy novels. As I was thinking of writing this article, I realized I could only think of 3 instances, that I’ve read, of unicorns in books. The Last Unicorn, The Obsidian Trilogy and The Twelve Kingdoms. And to be fair, in the Twelve Kingdoms, they are Kirin, the Japanese version of unicorns.

A quite search on Goodreads for the word “unicorn” brought up mostly children’s and middle grade books about unicorns. There was very little that I could see that would be YA or adult fiction. Why is this? Are unicorns not a staple of the fantasy genre? When you think of “fantasy” do unicorns not come to mind?

Do you know of some fantasy fiction about unicorns? Do you want to see more unicorns in fantasy novels? Why do you think unicorns are written about as much as some other fantasy creature?

Monthly Wrap Up – July 2022

I’m a bit late on the wrap up for this month, but I have been feeling a bit out of sorts the last few days.

July was not a great month for reading for me. I only finished two books and I’m now two books behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I don’t know if I’m going to catch up on that this month or not. I’m thinking probably not as the book I started reading last night is a longer one, as are it’s sequels, so I’d be surprised if I got through those quickly.

July had a focus on other hobbies for me. I started a jigsaw puzzle which I pick at periodically and I also started doing cross stitch for the first time. I even completed two projects. (pictures on my instagram if you’re interested) I have two other patterns now waiting for my attention. One is definitely going to take quite a while to complete. It’s of a butterfly and I intend to give it to my mom after it’s complete because she loves butterflies. The other is of a black cat that I just thought was really cute. Not sure what I will do with that when it’s done.

I also rewatched all of Ted Lasso for the third time while working on my cross stitch and started watching the Boys. A review of season 1 will be posted shortly.

So, how was July for you? Did you read lots or not so much? Were you able to enjoy summer at all? Maybe read on a beach?

I’d love to know about it in the comments or link me to your own monthly wrap up!

Thanks for reading!

Monthly Wrap Up – June 2022

I have to say, June has been a very good month for reading for me. I completed 6 books, have a 7th that I’m almost finished and another to finish a series lined up. My main focus this past month was on the Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I’m currently on book 6, which I hope to finish this evening then just have the 7th and final book and that series will be finished.

Once I’m finished that, I will probably read a couple of ebooks I have that I accepted review requests on. That should be a nice palate cleanser before I move on to a new series or trilogy.

I’ve been steadily working my way through a list of books that I own where the series or trilogy is complete. When I started, the list had close to 100 books on it. It is now down to 58. I’m 2 books behind on reaching my goal of 52 books this year, but hopefully I can make that up.

How was your reading in June? How’s July looking?

Let’s Talk Bookish – Books on Vacation – June 17, 2022

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @Eternity Books and hosted by Aria @Book Nook Bits, and it’s where we get to discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts! If you want to join in the bookish discussion fun, check out the June 2022 prompts!


Prompts: What books do you like to bring on vacation? Do you bring any books at all? What kind of books do you think are good for a vacation? How much time do you usually have to read on vacation? What does an ideal vacation with a book look like?

For me, this all depends on where I’m going and who I’m going with. If I’m with my family, I know I’m not going to have a lot of time to spend by myself reading. It’s expected that the family will be together, playing board games or just chatting. I still bring a book (because of course I’m going to bring a book), usually the one I’m currently reading.

Now, if I happen to be going to a cabin on a lake with only one friend, a friend who is also a reader, I know I’m going to have much more time to myself and therefore time to read. In that case, I’ll bring the book I’m reading plus the next one in the series (because I’m always reading a trilogy or series) and maybe the one after as well depending on the length of the books.

I once went on a week long vacation with a friend to her family’s cabin on a lake. We’re book big readers. I brought an entire trilogy with me. I didn’t get through all the books because they were fairly long, but I know I polished off two of them. I remember coming back and continuing on with the third book and it felt like it took so long to get through that last book. I had to keep reminding myself that the amount of time I had to actually sit and read was much less than it was while on vacation. That week, I would literally wake, get dressed, walk down some stairs and I’d be at the lake side. I’d sit out there all day, either reading or swimming. I think I occasionally ate something too lol. That was a great vacation!

Totally Random, Why Am I Even Writing This? Post

This post has nothing to do with books, or movies, music or even video games. This is a totally random post. I haven’t posted in a long time so I figured I’d make some kind of update, although I’m sure no one is actually going to read this. I do stuff like this all the time. I get REALLY into something and obsess over it and go crazy for awhile. Then I get bored and move on to something else.

I’ve done that multiple times with this blog. I’ve done it with reading and puzzles and video games. I do it all the time! I don’t think I’m going to change that about myself any time soon.

So, back to this. I’m writing a pointless post, mostly because today is just one of “those” days. You know the ones. I barely slept last night, my back hurts, my stomach hurts and to top it off it’s Monday. Not to mention those chipper people who are all bright and bubbly in the morning and I am so not. I just want to get to my desk and do my work without anyone bothering me.

Again, why am I writing this? This post has literally no point. I feel like it’s going to devolve into me whining about my life, how the weight of the world feels like it’s crushing me sometimes. Financially, I’m in a rather horrid place, my car is getting old, I can’t afford a new one. I miss my cat (who passed last year) more than I would ever have thought possible. I can’t have another cat because my roommate is allergic. I got a hamster but he’s no fun most of the time. I can’t afford to move out on my own so I can get another cat, or a dog.

I feel sick and depressed. I’m always tired but I can’t sleep. When I do sleep, it’s not enough. Today, I just feel gross.

I had so many ideas for this blog before. I’m sure I could resurrect them but at this moment it seems like a daunting task. I want to have a blog that people read and comment on. I want to interact with people online in a friendly way about mutual interests.

But no one is going to read this so it’s just me whining.

Monthly Wrap up – September 2021

Ah, September! My favorite month is coming to an end. As October approaches all I can think is “where has this year gone!?” It has certainly been an eventful and emotional one for me. But that’s not what we’re talking about today.

September was a good month for me in terms of reading. I finished 3 books (one of which was nearly 800 pages) and am working on a fourth. I also accepted several free review copies of books and I started blogging again after a nearly year long hiatus.

So, what’s in store for October? Well, first I’m going to finish the book I’m currently reading. Then, as I mentioned above, I should probably get into those review copies I accepted. I’m trying to keep a balance between the review copies and the books I currently own. Things rarely go as I plan though.

In terms of the books I currently own, I have no real plan of what to read next. I certainly don’t lack for choice and maybe that is part of the problem. I have so many books that I don’t quite know where to start. More than likely it will depend on my mood at the time what I decide to read. No matter what, I hope to keep the good momentum going.

How was September for you? What’s your October looking like?

As always, thanks for reading!

My Top 5 Mobile Games

For this list, I’m looking at my favorite mobile games of all time. There’s not much more to say about that, so without further adieu, here we go!

5. Sims Free Play – I don’t actually play this game anymore, but I still think it’s a great games. There is lots to do to keep a player entertained for hours. I stopped played because once I maxed out levels, things became a little tedious and I felt like I spent too much of my time playing.

4. Merge Dragons – Like merging things? Like dragons? Enough said.

3. Merge Magic – I’m putting Merge Magic a bit ahead of Merge Dragons, even though they are basically the same game, because there’s something about the colours and the creatures in Merge Magic that I like just a little more.

2. Candy Crush Soda – There are several candy crush games, but my fav is Soda. Not sure why exactly, but if I’m in the mood to crush candy, Soda is my candy crushing of choice.

  1. Charm King – this was the first match 3 games I played on an Iphone and indeed one of the first ever mobile games I ever played. I may take breaks from it from time to time but I always end up going back.

What are you favorite mobile games? Do you play any these? Let me know in the comments below!

Anime Review – The Earl and the Fairy

I read the manga version of the Earl and the Fairy a few years ago, so when I came across the anime version on Tubi, I decided to give it a go. I ended up watching all 12 episodes in one sitting.

Lydia Carlton is what is known as a Fairy Doctor. She can see all manner of fairies and it’s her job to mediate between the human and fairy worlds. On her way to London to meet her father, Lydia comes across Edgar. Edgar is in search of a treasured item called the Merrow Sword. Whoever possesses this sword will be acknowledged as the descendant of the Blue Knight Earl, who once ruled the fairy realm. In order to find the sword, Edgar needs a Fairy Doctor.

Although he initially tricks her into helping him and basically kidnaps her, Lydia chooses to help him because she dis a kind person and she sees more in him than what is on the surface.

I enjoyed this anime in the way I enjoy many anime like this. It’s most fun and light hearted. The overall story isn’t particularly intense or even that original. It’s fairly predictable, as many anime like it are.

At it’s heart, the Earl and the Fairy is a romantic anime, surrounding the developing relationship between Lydia and Edgar. At only 12 episodes, it’s fairly short so there isn’t that much development. I would actually like it if more of this was made and their relationship could be fleshed out more.

Overall, I give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. It’s nothing spectacular but watching it isn’t a waste of time either. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic comedy anime.

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Adventures in Listing – Series I’m Eager to Finish

For this list, I’m looking at series that I have started, but not yet finished. Generally, this could be because when I bought the first book(s) the rest of the series hadn’t yet been published. I’m not taking genre into account for this, so any novel, manga or graphic novel is eligible, as long as I have read at least one book in the series. Books I own that i have not yet read are not eligible.

So, in no particular order, here are the series I am most eager to finish:

  • Symphony of Ages – Elizabeth Haydon
  • The Iron Druid – Kevin Hearne
  • Kate Daniels – Illona Andrews
  • Wonderland Comic Series
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Comic Series

What series are you eager to finish?