Short Stories

Lately, I’ve been feeling like writing fiction again. So, I have created this page and hope to publish something for everyone to enjoy very soon. Stay tuned!

Scarlet and The Wolf

This story is something that randomly popped into my head. It seems to me that romance often follows the same type of formula. Often, the woman is portrayed as timid or shy, usually in some type of abusive situation she needs to be rescued from.

Enter the strong, sexy, alpha male character, probably a vampire or werewolf, to rescue the damsel in distress. He’s probably been watching her from afar, obsessing a little. These types of stories are usually told from the woman’s point of view as she is rescued and swept off her feet.

I thought, what if the story was told from the man’s point of view? Well, that thought started this story. This first chapter is a very rough draft that I came up with without any kind of planning. The characters didn’t even have names at this point. It was just something I felt compelled to write.

The Bridge

I came up with this for a Reedsy writing prompt. I submitted it to their short story contest. I hope it gets accepted!

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