Adventures in Mobile Gaming – Cat Game The Cats Collector!

During the 4 months that I worked from home ( due to Covid 19), I found myself less inclined towards reading and more towards playing games on my phone. I started out mostly playing Merge Dragons and Merge Magic, but the game I want to talk about today is Cat Game.

From the name, I’m sure you can guess, this game is all about cats! You start off with a tower with only one floor and a basic cat. As you send your cat out on deliveries you get supplies to craft materials and unlock new cats. You use the materials you craft to create various decorations for each floor. Each time you level up, you unlock a new floor.

Sounds pretty simple right? Sounds like it would get boring pretty quickly? Well, it would if it weren’t for the events. The events are my favorite part of the games. There are two types of events: mini events and club events. Mini events consist of 3 parts that last 5 days and are spaced a few days apart. For these events, you gain points for doing exactly what you would normally do playing the games. Prizes include gold (the currency of the game) new cats, new decorations, gems and special keys to get special cats.

If you are part of a club (and it is highly recommended that you be part of a club) you also earn points collectively towards prizes.

The other type of event is the Club Event. This is the same basic idea, but instead of using the standard gold, you play mini games to earn tokens that you use to craft materials and those materials are used to create a special floor with it’s own special cats and decorations.

As with many mobile games, there are options for in game purchases (with real money) that will get you exclusive floors and exclusive cats. There are a few to choose from including a Garfield floor.

Sounds like fun?

Well, if you like cats, this is certainly a cute and fun way to pass some time. Want to follow my progress and see all the cute cats I collect? Follow me on Instagram .

Do you play Cat Game? Let me know in the comments.