22: The War of the Gods – Manuel Martinez and Phyllis Barash – Review


Through the pages of this exciting novel, we will find out that the world was created by 22 Gods who created the different human races to use them to increase their power. By playing a game created by the Light and the Darkness, we watch the Gods use the 22 Major Arcana Cards of the Egyptian tarot as a method of increasing their power and control over all the human race.

In the middle of all this power struggle for control of humanity, there is an unknown political and economic group named SCAN that controls all the power resources on earth. When Denise Richards, a front runner to the presidency of the United States, confronts SCAN by challenging them, they have no choice but to kill her.  

In this fascinating novel, past, present, and future are intertwined. Readers will discover the times of Jesus Christ, Pythagoras, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Hitler, and Martin Luther King, among other influential historical figures, to determine which tarot card was played by each to please the Gods in this long-lasting war between the Light and the Darkness.

My first impression of this book was one of confusion. I’m not sure what synopsis I originally read or where I got the idea from, but I thought this book was set in ancient Egypt, so when it started out in the modern era, i was, naturally, confused. So, I went back and read the actual synopsis. Things more sense after that.

Initially, this seems like a good vs evil story, but quickly shows that there isn’t really such things as “good” and “evil.” Light and Darkness are really one and the same. There a many different elements to this book including numerology, tarot cards and elements from multiple religions.

So, what did I like about this book? The authors clearly put in a great deal of research to write this book. There is a great deal of historical information about famous figures, including Ghandi, Jesus Christ and Hitler. The authors must also have studied numerology as well as religions all over the world. I was very interested in the historical figures, especially Cleopatra.

Sadly, that’s about all I liked about this book. If you are looking for a character driven novel, this is definitely not it. Oh, there are plenty of characters but I didn’t feel even a smidge of a connection with any of them. Sure I could name many of them, but i couldn’t tell you what their personalities were actually like.

This book also reads more like a text book than a novel. A lot of information is thrown at the reader to the point that it’s difficult to absorb it all. My mind wandered often while reading.

i found the constant mathematical equations especially annoying. Yes, the book is dealing a great deal with numerology so dates are constantly being added but having an actual equation in the middle of the text really threw off what little narration there was.

I didn’t really understand the need to go back to the life of Denis Richards and the goings on of the group called SCAN. Those things felt unnecessary and unrelated to the main plot. It was supposed to be about the war taking place between the Light and the Darkness, wasn’t it? There was this weird highlight of American politics that I really didn’t care for.

All in all, this was not a book I enjoyed. it took me a long time to get through it as I just couldn’t spend long periods of time reading. My brain just couldn’t handle the economic explanations.

My rating for this book is 2/5 stars. The historical fact saved it from 1 star

I personally wouldn’t recommend this to my friends who are readers as I’m sure their tastes are similar to mine. People who have an interest in numerology, history and American politics might enjoy this book. Sadly, it just wasn’t for me.

Have you read this book? Do you agree with my review? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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