Book Review – Descendant Omnibus – The Complete Nikki Glass Series by Jenna Black

DescendantSynopsis (from Goodreads): For Immortal Huntress and cunning private investigator Nikki Glass, vengeance trumps all in this complete collection of acclaimed author Jenna Black’s addictive urban fantasy series!

The omnibus edition of all four Descendant novels, as well as the e-novella Pros and Cons that takes place between the events of Deadly Descendant and Rogue Descendant, is a must-have for all urban fantasy fans.

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Originally I had intended to review each novel within the omnibus on it’s own. However, I got too into reading this and didn’t want to pause to write individual reviews. Instead, I’ll review the entire thing and do my best to avoid spoilers.

I really liked Nikki. She is a very relatable character. It’s easy to empathize with her and understand where she’s coming from. Not only does she have a thick skin, she’s also a self proclaimed bleeding heart. She sympathizes with others even when logic says she shouldn’t.

The majority of the other characters are male. At first, none of them are likable, but considering the situation in which Nikki meets them, I don’t think it’s possible to like any of them. Only Jamaal and Anderson get much in the way of character development. I found Anderson to be a really interesting character. I didn’t have particularly strong feelings about Jamaal.

I would really have liked to find out more about the other characters. Many of them have been alive for centuries. There’s got to be some good stories there.

I didn’t particularly like the way the romance aspect went. As always, I can live without the sex scenes, although there were little details there that added to character development.

The one thing I really don’t like is the fact that the series is over! There is so much potential for this series to keep going. There’s plenty of characters that can be developed and so much that could be used for plot points. The book ends with a really great lead into another book. I don’t know why the author chose not to write more. I think I will always keep an eye out for a new book in this series.

I rate this book 4/5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who likes urban fantasy, especially if you want a supernatural creature that isn’t the typical vampire, werewolf or fae.

Have you read this series? What did you think? Have you any other book by Jenna Black?