Moon Knight – Review

One day, not so long ago, I was perusing Disney+ when I came across the trailer for a new show called Moon Knight. I was instantly intrigued by the title and naturally watched the trailer. Only seconds in and I knew I had to watch this show. Too bad for me, it hadn’t actually been released yet. So I grumble to myself, make a mental note to watch it later and move on with my life.

Some time goes by and I’m once again on Disney+ looking for something to watch. Since it’s still new, Moon Knight is up at the top, staring me in the face demanding that I watch it. I’m like, “yes, perfect! I must watch this” and hit play.

I binged the entire season in a single sitting. I couldn’t stop watching. I was engrossed from the very beginning and each time an episode ended I frantically tried to find the remote so I could get to the next episode as soon as possible. This show is just fantastic!

Keep in mind, I have never read a Moon Knight comic. My knowledge of the Marvel universe is centered solely on the cinematic universe. I like all the Marvel stuff but it was so fun being introduced to a completely new characters with a story that had nothing to do with all the stuff that has come before. No need to have watched x number of movies or series before hand to keep up with the plot.

Oscar Isaac is amazing at playing both main characters. The ease of how he can switch between the two in a scene is such *kisses fingers* *muah*. And Ethan Hawke as the villain? I can’t imagine another actor playing that part as fantastically as he did.

The CG was great, the sets and plots were great! The imagery was beautiful. I want more of this amazing show! I want more of these characters. I think I may have to look into the comics.

Oh, did I mention I binge watched the entire season twice? I couldn’t get it out of my head so I watched it a second time. Then watched the Assembled episode of how it was made.

Did I mention this show is awesome?

5 out of 5 stars! Watch this show!

Thanks for reading 🙂