Fantasy Book Review – The Second Empire – Monarchies of God #4

Summary (from Goodreads): Religious wars, shapeshifter invasions, and political intrigue drive the fourth novel of this epic fantasy series.

*** May Contain Spoilers if You Have Not read Books 1 – 3 ***

I don’t have a lot to say about this edition to the Monarchies of God. The war with the Merduks continue and come to a head. Richard Hawkwood returns from the Western Continent with Lord Murad, Bardolin and a mere fraction of the number of people they set out with. We get a brief look at what they endured during their time on the other continent and their journey home.

As I was reading this volume, I felt that the subplot of Richard Hawkwood’s journey is mostly unimportant. It doesn’t really add to the overall plot. The main focus of this volume and the one before (The Iron Wars) has been the war happening with the Merduks. Everything else seems like a side note.

Other than Corfe, not many of the characters are relatable. Most of them get so little really told about them for the reader to form much of an attachment.

The descriptions of the battles are rather engrossing. The author is very good as describing all the sounds and sights of a battle. The boom of the guns, the jar of being hit with a sword, the horror of men being torn to shreds.

I give the Second Empire 3/5 stars and am curious how this will all come to an end.