Some Girls Bite – Chicagoland Vampires #1 by Chloe Neill

Some Girl BiteSummary (from Goodreads) :

They killed me. They healed me. They changed me.

Sure, the life of a graduate student wasn’t exactly glamorous, but I was doing fine until Chicago’s vampires announced their existence to the world. When a rogue vampire attacked me, I was lucky he only got a sip. Another bloodsucker scared him off and decided the best way to save my life was to make me the walking undead.

Now I’ve traded sweating over my thesis for learning to fit in at a Hyde Park mansion full of vamps loyal to Ethan “Lord o’ the Manor” Sullivan. Of course, as a tall, green-eyed,
four-hundred-year-old vampire, he has centuries’ worth of charm, but unfortunately he expects my gratitude—and servitude. Right…

But someone’s out to get me. Is it the rogue vampire who bit me? A vamp from a rival House? An angry mob bearing torches?

My initiation into Chicago’s nightlife may be the first skirmish in a war—and there will be blood.

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For a few weeks, I’ve had issues finding something that I really wanted to read. I’d pick up a book, read 50 pages or so, put it down and not pick it up again the next. So, I ended up with several books on the go at once (something I don’t normally do). Then, someone in one of my groups on Goodreads recommended Some Girls Bite. I decided to give it a shot and was instantly drawn in! This was what I was in the mood for! Having established that, I happily tucked in and continued reading.

Now, I’m not going to gush that this was the best book I’ve ever read just because it’s what I was in the mood for, however, this book is very good (in my opinion) and an excellent start to what has become a fairly long series.

Let’s start with what I liked. Merit is a great character. She is strong and independent but not so stone-hearted that she can’t cry or want to be loved. She has her vulnerable moments, her bitchy moments and her outright stupid moments too, where she causes trouble without meaning to.

The relationship between Merit and her best friend Mallory is amazing. They remind me of my own best friend and I. They’re comfortable with one another, have their own inside jokes and can tell each other like it is without getting into a big fight.

Now for what I didn’t like: Insta-lust. Merit and her new Master, Ethan, are instantly and intensely attracted to one another, but they don’t actually like each other. Ethan even offers to make Merit his consort despite the fact that he disapproves of so much of who she is and would use her to his own advantage at the drop of a hat.

Mallory is instantly attracted to Catcher, who feels the same for her and soon they can’t keep their hands off one another. Plus, other men are attracted to Merit and would have no problem with getting into her pants.

Now this is starting to border on PNR instead of Urban Fantasy. I could handle that except the book is found in the Fantasy section of the bookstore, not the Romance section. Well, thankfully, it isn’t too descriptive and I can take it in stride.

The plot wraps up nicely for the book, while also having the undercurrent plot that is present in many long series. While you could read this book by itself and be perfectly happy with a good read, I’m certain there is much more vampire fun to come as the series progresses.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, to those who enjoy vampire Urban Fantasy with strong female characters, I would definitely recommend giving Some Girls Bite a try.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and will be continuing on with the series.

Embers – Anya Kalinczyk #1 – Review

EmbersSummary (from Goodreads): Truth burns.

Unemployment, despair, anger—visible and invisible unrest feed the undercurrent of Detroit’s unease. A city increasingly invaded by phantoms now faces a malevolent force that further stokes fear and chaos throughout the city.

Anya Kalinczyk spends her days as an arson investigator with the Detroit Fire Department, and her nights pursuing malicious spirits with a team of eccentric ghost hunters. Anya—who is the rarest type of psychic medium, a Lantern—suspects a supernatural arsonist is setting blazes to summon a fiery ancient entity that will leave the city in cinders. By Devil’s Night, the spell will be complete, unless Anya—with the help of her salamander familiar and the paranormal investigating team—can stop it.

Anya’s accustomed to danger and believes herself inured to loneliness and loss. But this time she’s risking everything: her city, her soul, and a man who sees and accepts her for everything she is. Keeping all three safe will be the biggest challenge she’s ever faced.

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What can I say about this book? Well, for starters, I really enjoyed it. I’m not going to gush and rave that this is an amazing book and everyone should read it because everyone is different and not everyone may like it.

Unlike most Urban Fantasy novels, there are no vampires werewolves or fey in this book. There are ghosts, however, elemental spirits and witches. Anya is a Lantern, which means that, not only can she see and interact with ghosts, she can devour them as well with a sort of fire in her chest. She also has an unusual familiar: a fire elemental named Sparky that often behaves similar to a dog. He likes electronics and sleeps curled up in Anya’s bed with her. Any is a great character. Very real and enjoyable to read about.

The plot could be considered some what formulaic, but formulas exist for a reason: they work. I wouldn’t exactly call it predictable though. It was a fun read and exactly what I was in the mood for at the time.


Inu x Boku SS Volumes 9 & 10


inu x boku 9Summary (from Goodreads): At first, the residents of Ayakashi Hall are baffled by the discovery of a time capsule containing letters in their own handwriting, apparently from their future selves. But Natsume’s ability to see beyond confirms the truth, and he is overwhelmed by the future he glimpses. The others aren’t sure they want to know the full extent of what is to come when it has so obviously rattled Natsume and their later selves. Even with that knowledge, what can they do differently to face the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons?!

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In volume 9, we return to the past of 23 years ago. It begins with a few little episodes, including a Christmas one where Nobara and Sorinozuka meet a mermaid throwback, as well as a glimpse into Zange’s past.

About half way through the volume, the story returns to the day that the residents of Maison de Ayakashi made the time capsule for their future selves and they discover the letters sent back through time. This discovery changes how things originally went, causing Soushi and Ririchiyo not to have the moment in the park where they confess their feelings to one another.

Forewarned about the Night Parade, the group prepares to battle Mokoto Inugami on the day Carta would have been attacked. But, there is no attack and Mokoto doesn’t show himself.

Everything has changed and there’s no telling what is going to come next.

inu x boku 10Summary (from Goodreads):  The threat of the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons has driven the residents of Ayakashi Hall to take refuge at their family homes–whether they’d like to or not. But when they’re apart, the situation seems even more hopeless, and one by one the group reassembles at the place that brought them together. Whatever the future holds, they will face it with a united front!

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The Night Parade has attacked Ayakashi Halls in other areas, and the families of the group we’ve come to know and love force them to return to their old homes. While most go somewhat willingly, Soushi is taken by force and returned to the confinement her endured throughout his childhood.

One by one, the throwbacks decide that they should hall be together to form a united front against their enemy, and they gather back at Ayakashi Hall. Once they learn of Soushi’s confinement, there is no question about whether or not they will rescue him.

No one has seen Kagerou since the attacks began and an ally may not be as much of an ally as they all believed.


Inu x Boku SS Volumes 7 & 8


inu x boku 7Summary (from Goodreads): Ririchiyo has decided to make a fresh start, removing the blinders from her eyes and releasing Soushi from his contract. From now on, she has resolved to treat this incarnation of Soushi as his own person and to mourn the loss of the man she loved in a previous life. The change has given Ririchiyo a clear perspective, but Soushi’s heart remains clouded. Playing the part of his former self for Ririchiyo’s sake was an act–what will happen when Soushi’s true feelings come to light…?

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At the end of volume 6, Ririchiyo chose to release Soushi from the contract that makes him her bodyguard. She wants to see him for who he is currently, but then doesn’t have much of any interaction with him. Distraught, Soushi goes looking for the time capsule that they all buried in their previous lives. What follows is a look into the current Soushi’s past and how he grew up this time and why he loves Ririchiyo now.

This volume contains the usual silliness with a welcome party being thrown for Nobara where Ririchiyo, Carta, Zange, Kagerou and Watanuki dress up in various outfits to Nobar’s taste. Although, she doesn’t really care for Zange or Kagerou’s cross dressing.

Unknown to the rest of the group, Watanuki has made friends with Mikoto Inugami, the genetic throwback who lead the Night Parade and was responsible for nearly all of their deaths. The second act of the story is coming to a close and moving toward the conclusion.

Summary (from Goodreadsinu x boku 8): Mikoto Inugami’s friendship with Watanuki has alerted Zange to the fox’s plot to repeat the Night Parade, which claimed so many supernatural lives over twenty years ago. The residents of Ayakashi Hall rush to confront their enemy, but time is not on their side. Inugami’s plan is not to initiate the Parade in this incarnation-but to revisit the past!

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After enlisting Zange’s help to find Watanuki’s missing friend, the entire group learns of his friendship with Mikoto Inugami. They rush off to confront him but are already too late. Mikoto has traveled to the past, to 23 years ago when everything went horribly wrong. A brief argument ensues about who will follow into the past to stop him. Finally, Watanuki suggest sending letters to their past-selves into the past.

This volume was quite exciting. There was lots of action and the plot is moving forward like a freight train. What will happen next?