Blood of the Phoenix – A Tale of Hayara 0.5 – Book Review

Synopsis: A crown. An affair. A throne all covet.

The Bronze Age is ending. New tools are being discovered to help in humanity’s war campaigns, increasing body counts along with the chances of success. Harrania has vowed to try a peaceful approach, but not all are satisfied with this change in imperial policy.

For millennia, the Blood of the Phoenix has been the human manifestation of the symbol of Ar, the great Phoenix himself. For millennia, the royal family and the descendants of the phoenix intermarry, ensuring the purity of the bloodline. The gods, however, work in mysterious ways, forcing mankind to bend to their will. When the monarchy is threatened, and new powers rise with an eye on the obsidian throne, will the call for peace survive the cries of war? 

My thanks to the author and for a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

For a short little novella, Blood of the Phoenix sure packs a lot into it. We follow Aramast, a well respected general within the army but a not so popular noble with the king. He is in love with the Princess and convinced he would be the best possible candidate for the next king.

The man known as the Blood of the Phoenix is meant to marry the Princess. Though he is Aramast’s close friend, he is also Aramast’s greatest rival, one he considers killing on more than one occasion.

Aramast is an interesting character. He is a warrior through and through, seeing that the best way to protect his country is through military might. The army he leads is loyal to him and would follow him anywhere, even if it means going against the king’s orders. His attitude at times feels a little misogynistic. He claims several times to love the Princess and declared his intentions to “make her mine” though he never actually asks her to marry him, he just sort of demands it. Thankfully, the Princess isn’t a meek woman who simply rolls over and does as she is told. She holds her own with Aramast and makes him work for it.

It is clear that it is all leading up to something much larger. That being the trilogy that this is a prequel to, I would assume. From just this little taste of this world I am intrigued to continue reading.

My rating for this novella is 3 out of 5 stars and I look forward to reading the first official novel in the series.