Totally Random, Why Am I Even Writing This? Post

This post has nothing to do with books, or movies, music or even video games. This is a totally random post. I haven’t posted in a long time so I figured I’d make some kind of update, although I’m sure no one is actually going to read this. I do stuff like this all the time. I get REALLY into something and obsess over it and go crazy for awhile. Then I get bored and move on to something else.

I’ve done that multiple times with this blog. I’ve done it with reading and puzzles and video games. I do it all the time! I don’t think I’m going to change that about myself any time soon.

So, back to this. I’m writing a pointless post, mostly because today is just one of “those” days. You know the ones. I barely slept last night, my back hurts, my stomach hurts and to top it off it’s Monday. Not to mention those chipper people who are all bright and bubbly in the morning and I am so not. I just want to get to my desk and do my work without anyone bothering me.

Again, why am I writing this? This post has literally no point. I feel like it’s going to devolve into me whining about my life, how the weight of the world feels like it’s crushing me sometimes. Financially, I’m in a rather horrid place, my car is getting old, I can’t afford a new one. I miss my cat (who passed last year) more than I would ever have thought possible. I can’t have another cat because my roommate is allergic. I got a hamster but he’s no fun most of the time. I can’t afford to move out on my own so I can get another cat, or a dog.

I feel sick and depressed. I’m always tired but I can’t sleep. When I do sleep, it’s not enough. Today, I just feel gross.

I had so many ideas for this blog before. I’m sure I could resurrect them but at this moment it seems like a daunting task. I want to have a blog that people read and comment on. I want to interact with people online in a friendly way about mutual interests.

But no one is going to read this so it’s just me whining.

Crazy Idea!

I have this crazy idea! What if someone wrote a “romance” novel where the first two male and female characters didn’t instantly fall in lust with one another? What if it wasn’t completely obvious who the main character of a book series was going to end up with? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you couldn’t predict exactly how a romantic relationship was going to develop?


Mind blowing thought, isn’t it?

Rant – Anime/Manga being “Americanized”

I’m not sure how other people feel about it, but I think American movie company should leave Anime and Manga alone. I really don’t think any Anime fan has ever been watching an anime and thought “Hm, this would be so much better in live action with a bunch of white actors.” (Being a white person, it’s ok for me to say that :p)

Today, as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, I saw a trailer for a new Netflix produced live action movie of Death Note. (here) As I’m watching this short trailer, all i can think is “no, no, no, this is not right.” I’m not a die hard fan of Death Note but I did enjoy the anime enough that I own it. To be honest, it really annoys me when an anime or manga gets an American version. Like, do American movie produces just not have any of their own ideas any more, they have to steal from Anime and Manga? And they don’t even do a good job of it! They change too many things from the original so that it no longer does the original material justice.

What do you think of this new Death Note? Was there an anime you love that was turned into a terrible American adaptation?

TokyoPop – I Still Hate You

As I’m sure every person who reads manga in English knows, TokyoPop, who was a huge published of Manga in North America, shut down it’s North American office and stopped publishing manga in English. All the manga that they published had their licenses returned to the original owner and could be sold to other publishers, but how many of your favorites have actually been picked up by a new publisher? I know know several of mine have not and now if i want to read them, I have to find fan translated copies on the internet. My collection of the volumes may never be complete and if, by chance, a new publisher does pick up and publish my favorites, will the covers be the same? Will they match previous volumes or will I (most likely) feel the need to re-buy all volumes so that they match?

If any manga publishers are actually reading this (highly unlikely) here’s a few series you should pick up and publish in English:

Dazzle, Fate/Stay Night, Shinobi Life, and Togainu No Chi.

What do you think? What were some series you loved that were never finished due to TokyoPop closing?

Rant – YA and Romance Novels

So, I’ve been noticing more and more lately that everyone seems to love YA and Romance novels. The giveaways on Goodreads are full of them. My friends seem to only add them, or read them. As I’m looking for new blogs to read everyone is reviewing YA novels, or Romance novels. Why are all vampire and werewolf and shifter novels in the Romance section? Can we not have supernatural stories that don’t involve two people going at it like dogs in heat?

Now, I have no problem with YA novels. I was a teenager once and at the time I liked YA novels. However, I am now an adult in my 30’s and I want to read books that are geared towards adults, but without all the sex! Is that so bad? Really, is it so wrong to want to read something that has a real plot and character growth and some fun or surprising plot twists?


Do you review and talk about adult books in your blog? If so, tell me in the comments because i will definitely check it out. Help me out fellow bloggers, help me find something I actually want to read about!

My Rant About Romance Novels

There are several reasons why I have a problem with “Romance” novels. Let’s begin:

  1. The Plot – The plot of nearly every romance novel ever written is basically the same. They follow a formula, much like a romantic comedy movie. Two people meet (man and woman, two men, two women, whatever) and either instantly fall for each other or instantly hate one another. Most of the time it’s an instant attraction that they just can’t resist. Their meeting is followed by wild, passionate, kinky sex for pages and pages. Some incident will occur after that that usually results in one person being in trouble and the other having to save that person. Situation resolved, the two get together, end book.
  2.  The Characters – Characters in romance novels rarely have much substance or growth and they tend to be rather stereotypical. You get the sexy, gorgeous alpha male who feels the instant need to protect his new found mate from any and all harm! Oh and screw her brains out asap. Female characters are often even worse in their stereotypes. They’re always the shy, good girl who would never take home a random stranger she just met, but then does exactly that. Romance authors try to tell the reader that this is how their characters would normally act, but then have them do the exact opposite. It’s confusing and annoying. If your character wouldn’t normally go out to a bar and pick up a hot stranger, they shouldn’t be doing that now.
  3. The Sex – Every romance novel is full of sex. Not nearly as much as something categorized as Erotica, but still, sex is the focus of the book. In my personal opinion, two people meeting and falling instantly into bed with each other is NOT romantic. That is NOT love, it’s lust plain and simple. If i was interested in sex scenes I could watch porn for free on the internet and there would probably be just as much substance to the plot and characters. I’ve heard people say they skip over the sex scenes. What? Seriously? If you’re reading a book, you shouldn’t be skipping pages.

Also, how many ways can sex be described before it all just become the same. I’m not interested in how large a guy’s penis is or how wet a girl is. Honestly, that kind of stuff just annoys me and makes me not want to keep reading. Sex is NOT romance! there’s not deep meaningful connection between the characters. It’s all just chemical reactions.

Now, I’m not saying that sex should not be in books at all.  I just think it that it should be done tastefully and it should be part of the natural progression of a relationship.

4. Romance Series – Romance series annoy me because each book will focus on a specific couple and once that couple is together,  they’re no longer the focus. Each book in a romance series, focuses on X and Y getting together. They may appear in other books in the series but then they’re only side characters, so don’t get attached.

Have an opinion on this subject? Agree or disagree with me? I’ve love to know what other people think, so share in the comments!