Rant – Anime/Manga being “Americanized”

I’m not sure how other people feel about it, but I think American movie company should leave Anime and Manga alone. I really don’t think any Anime fan has ever been watching an anime and thought “Hm, this would be so much better in live action with a bunch of white actors.” (Being a white person, it’s ok for me to say that :p)

Today, as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, I saw a trailer for a new Netflix produced live action movie of Death Note. (here) As I’m watching this short trailer, all i can think is “no, no, no, this is not right.” I’m not a die hard fan of Death Note but I did enjoy the anime enough that I own it. To be honest, it really annoys me when an anime or manga gets an American version. Like, do American movie produces just not have any of their own ideas any more, they have to steal from Anime and Manga? And they don’t even do a good job of it! They change too many things from the original so that it no longer does the original material justice.

What do you think of this new Death Note? Was there an anime you love that was turned into a terrible American adaptation?

One thought on “Rant – Anime/Manga being “Americanized”

  1. I just checked out the Netflix trailer for DeathNote. I didn’t even know that Netflix was going to be doing a live-action adaptation of DeathNote. On top of the fact that I don’t know why “they” feel the need to make them…you can already tell they’re going to butcher so much of the storyline! They might as well put in the trailer VERY LOOSELY BASED on Deathnote…lol.

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