I Am Dragon – Movie Review

So, I was stuck at home the last few days, sick, tired of watching Disney movies when I start scrolling through Amazon Prime until I come across a movie called I Am Dragon. I’m all like “I like dragons” so I check out the trailer, it looks promising. Holy crap am I glad I decided to watch this because I absolutely loved it.

The movie is like a Russian fairytale. A village once sacrificed young maidens to a dragon until a brave knight hunted down and killed the dragon. The ritual became a wedding ceremony instead of a sacrifice.

Mira is about to be married to the grandson of the knight who slew the last dragon. Everyone believes there are no more dragons and that performing the old ritual as a wedding ceremony is safe. Of course, they are wrong and Mira is carried off by a dragon.

Now, from here, you might expect that Mira will weep in despair until her beloved rescues her and slays the dragon. Well, Mira isn’t much of a damsel in distress. Oh, she has a good cry after being dumped into a dark cave and left alone but once that is out of her system, she sets to trying to escape.

She immediately meets a man she calls Armand (he can’t remember his actual name) who she initially believes is also a prisoner. It’s not long before it’s obvious that Armand is the dragon (this is shown in the trailer so I don’t feel like it’s a spoiler). The majority of the movie is about their growing relationship.

To say this movie is good would be an understatement. I think it was far better than a lot of Hollywood movies nowadays. The costumes were beautiful, the acting spot on. In the opening scene where several girls are being prepared for sacrifice to the dragon, their fear is so real. Imagine laying in a boat in the middle of a harbor, waiting for a giant flying monster to choose one of you as a sacrifice. The tension is real.

The music also really made this movie. So much of it is so beautiful and adds to the overall ambiance. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an actual soundtrack in existence for this movie. I’ve only been able to find clips on youtube.

There were parts that I felt didn’t quite fit properly. Armand tells Mira about his childhood and how his father was killed. Something in that timeline didn’t quite seem right if Armand’s father was the last dragon that Mira’s people made a sacrifice to. It’s a fairly minor thing so probably best to just ignore it.

Overall, I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars and I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who enjoys a real romance in a movie. Absolutely fantastic!

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