Manga Review – Inu x Boku SS Volume 11 (Final)


inu x boku 11Summary (froGoodreads): Efforts to reunite the members of Ayakashi Hall take an unexpected, tragic turn when one of their number falls in the battle. The death of a close friend serves to strengthen the remaining throwbacks’ resolve to prevent the grim outcome relayed by their future selves, even if it means exposing the dark truth of one of their most trusted allies…

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After one of their number has fallen to the Night Parade, the group tries to prevent Shimon from reading his memories, for they suspect that she may have been part of the Night Parade’s creation. The battle comes to a conclusive end and we get a look into Mikoto and Shimon’s past.

The series overall was very good. The plot is somewhat confusing since it goes back and forth in time, but once you get to the end, it all makes sense. There’s lots of comedy, action and romance to satisfy anyone.

The characters  are all unique individuals. Although many of them could be called perverts, they aren’t exactly “normal” perverts. Nobara is an adult woman who ogles other women and Kagerou is, in his own words, a super sadist. In the beginning, Kagerou was my least favorite character because of his attitude of everyone and everything either being a sadist or a masochist, but he began to grow on me throughout the story. Each and every character shows growth from the beginning, as they become their own little family.

The artwork  is well done. Detailed when it needs to be. the facial expressions of the characters really convey what they’re feeling.

There is an anime adaptation of this manga, but it doesn’t cover all of the manga. At only 12 episodes  it barely covers the prologue of the story and has little side stories that aren’t in the manga. If taken on it’s own and not compared to the manga as much, it is a decent show.

Have you read this manga or seen the anime? What did you think?


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