Random Update – August 17, 2020

Sooo, it appears that I haven’t posted anything here since March, which coincidentally ( or not so coincidentally) conensited with Covid-19 getting pretty bad and the whole world shutting down.

Like many people the world over, I started working from home at the very end of March, and following the advice of medical professionals, I stayed at home as much as possible. I really only went out to get groceries or for a walk.

Being inside all the time with nowhere to go, one would think that a book lover would devour books! So I assumed as well, but, unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead I fell into a book slump and have only read about 4 books since my last post. Not great considering it’s been around 5 months.

During this time of physical isolation, many people turned to social media to make up for the lack of contact. I did not do this.

So, what did I do? Well, instead of losing myself in another world of a book, I instead lost myself to mobile games and youtube videos. Probably not the best way I could have spent my time, but what are you gonna do?

Well, the world has begun to open up again and I’m back working in the office, and wouldn’t you know it, my motivation to read has returned! Hopefully, there will be some actual content posted soon! Til then, adieu!

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